Saturday, January 25, 2014

Busy Busy!

Working again has it's advantages and disadvantages.  The biggest disadvantage is that I have very little time for sewing right now since we are getting to work all the over time we want to.  I think that will change in the next week or two, so that will give me a little more time to spend sewing.  Yay!

I have managed to keep up pretty well with the two exchanges/bees that I still am participating in and I finished a mini quilt for one of the girls that I went through training with and I'm working on two more right now for the other two girls.  So I have one finish in January.  

A picture of my finish.. not a very good picture since I used my phone to take it, but still a picture!

I do seem to love those bird blocks.  I have 4 more like this one that will become a quilt one of these days.

First, 2 more minis to finish then I need to work more on the quilt for my son's mom-in-law's dad.  I gotta finish Sara's block first though and get it in the mail.  I "had" to go get some fabric to finish it up.  What a tragedy. 

Happy January! :D

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