Sunday, August 24, 2014

How do I.........

..... seem to always spend money while I'm sick?

Yep, 3 days now I've been down with a cold.  Literally down yesterday.  Didn't want to do anything so I just fiddled on my laptop while lounging like a queen in my bed. A very grumpy, sick queen.

I am going to run out of Kona Pepper so I figured I'd get an order in at  They won't have any Pepper until October sometime.  So I said to myself, "self... who else has Kona Cotton at reasonable prices?"

I answered myself "Well I think Julie at Intrepid Thread carries it..."  so I hopped on over to and ordered my Kona Pepper.. but I couldn't only spend $13!  So I went to the Clearance section and found more than I bargained for, but I only got 2, two yard pieces of Field Day.  I made myself a promise that I would use what I have and not buy any fabric but I had been coveting the Field Day Paisley and I already have a plan for it so I don't feel so bad.  Plus it made my sick self feel a little better about life.

I have a wedding quilt to make before April also.  It's for a friend from work who's getting married and she likes Purple.  I have found a pattern that I like and I'm thinking Fairy Frost fabrics for that one.  I might get the top started and done after the Memory quilt, which I WILL FINISH by the end of September! 

Hopefully I can get some sewing done this afternoon on a couple more Stash Bee blocks.  I woke up with no voice so I won't be going anywhere since I have to be well enough to work tomorrow.  DayQuil will be my best friend for a while I'm pretty sure.


supersara20 said...

Feel better Samantha! Clearance sections are always a tough thing to resist.

Michele said...

Of course shopping online was required while you were sick. What else could make you better? I hope you are feeling more like yourself now though.

Samantha said...

Thanks ladies! For some reason my blog has stopped sending me email to let me know that people are commenting. Must figure this one out!