Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 So Far

My goal this year was to finish at least one thing, big or small, each month.

January saw me make 2 reversible bags for a couple of friends.  Just simple totes for carrying anything they can think of.

February so far I've finished 3 more reversible totes and I'm almost done quilting a quilt.

A coworker cut her little girl's baby blankets into 12 by 18 inch pieces and she was going to try to make a big "blanket" out of them all.  She was having issues because she didn't really know how to use her sewing machine, and the material is all stretchy stuff.

She asked me if she could bring them to me and I could do something with them.  I said I would have add fabric to what she had and she was fine with that so I got to work on it in November and have finally gotten it almost done.

Work has still been as crazy busy as it has been since I started there.  I think there has only been maybe a total of 3 months, 1 or 2 weeks at a time where there hasn't been overtime offered for anyone who wishes to work it.

I moved to a new role in August and so I am doing a lot of different things now and the team I am now on almost always has overtime since we can help out in two other areas as we are trained to do almost everything.  Usually if they offer, I work extra.  It is getting a bit old though and I've skipped the last couple of weeks plus I randomly took this last week off.  Good thing I did too.... as I spent the last half of Friday the 17th through Tuesday in bed with the flu. What a nice way to spend Vacation time huh? 

I must say though that I am rested, not necessarily ready to go back to work on Monday, but fairly well rested anyway.

Once this quilt is done I'll get some pictures out here.  The next project is already started as I wanted to get a jump start on the quilt for my boss for Boss's Day in October.  My team is chipping in and they voted on which one to do so now I just have to get them the blocks to they can scribble on them and get them back to me so I can get the embroidery done, get them joined and get it all quilted up, early for once!  

Next two projects are a quilt top that I've had laying around for about 4 years waiting on me to finish it.  It is very vintage looking and my daughter is in love with it.  Then I will be working on a memory quilt from baby clothes for another lady at work.  

After the memory quilt, no more projects for other people unless I'm specifically making them a gift.  I need to finish some of my own things for us to use on our beds! 

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Little Penpen said...

Hey you!! Glad to see your post! You are a busy lady. I'm with you in no more quilts for other people for awhile. I'm ready to make something for me.