Sunday, April 2, 2017

Up next....

Last night and this morning I finally finished the blocks for the boss's day quilt that we will be giving our boss as a team in October.  After everyone signs and writes their message on a block I will embroider them then sash them with a lilac colored solid and do some Fairy Frost purple corner blocks.  30 blocks in 10 fabrics that will likely finish at about 10.5 or 11 inches.  Will be a very nice sized quilt for a very nice boss. 

Now I have two projects for other people that I have to get done. The first one is a quilt that a lady from work used when she was a kid at her grandma's house. She's been with the company for 40 years so you can imagine how old this thing is. It is made from drapery fabric I think.

The back was completely shredded and the batting inside was completely...... There is no nice word for what it was.. so I'll just say it how it is, disgusting!  As I tore it apart I hoped I wouldn't catch anything from the old dust mites living in it. That is a joke, maybe.  I'm still living though so no prehistoric dust mites got me!

Anyway right now I am taking out all the old yarn ties and then I'm going to reinforce from the back any parts that are getting too thin. After that I will put it on the quilter, quilt down the seams and then retie it with the same colors of yarn as what I'm taking off to keep it like it was when her Gramma gave it to her.

After that I have some baby clothes to make in to a memory quilt for another lady at work.

I have 6 reversible bags to make this month also.

Once I have the above things done for others, I have a wedding quilt to get done by October and no idea what the bride likes so I have my "spies" out trying to get me some info so I know what to do.  Hopefully it stays a secret. 

I also have so many of my own projects that I want to finish but the good weather is coming so I have a feeling that any off time I have from work will be spent with the hubby either on the motorcycle or in the kayaks.  Not that I'm complaining, I love both of those things! :)

Have a lovely week!!

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