Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Boss's Day and other tales.

October 16th was Boss's Day.  Of course I was up until Midnight on the 15th finishing Juliet's (my boss's) quilt.  This year I had planned to be done early and that would have worked out except for my life hit a snag, which I will not enumerate here, but things are working out and getting more normal now. 

Anyway.. the quilt was heart blocks that have been posted in past posts which I had all of my teammates write a "short" message on and sign.  As usually happens some folks did not follow the directives I gave and so when I started thread painting over the writing there were some blocks that took a LONG time!  Anyway, the finished quilt was very well received by Juliet and much envied by the other Supervisors. :)  

In other news, I had a wedding quilt that I had almost finished for a wedding that was on the 14th.  I was cooking with Crisco and thought I would be done until I took it off the quilter and tossed it on my bed, only to find that my quilting was WAY off on one end.  I can fix it, but we gave a card with money and my spouse will have to give the quilt to his co-worker (who's wedding it was) after I find time to implement my fix, which I think might involved cutting a bunch of my quilted feathers off of the quilt, but I haven't exactly decided what to do yet to fix it.

Next up a quilt that I am fixing for a coworker.  I have it almost done but it is being tied (like it was when her Gramma gave it to her) and my tapestry needle broke so I have to get to Joanne's and see if I can find one big enough for 2 yarn strands to get through the eye since they don't have any big enough at my LQS.  

After that I have 2 memory quilts to make and then I am not making or promising anyone anything for the rest of my life.  I am making what I want to make (meaning I am going to finish my 50 some projects that I have started which will likely keep my busy til I die) and if what I want to make works for a gift for an occasion then that is all well and good.  I also have been trying to make my Grandson a quilt every 2 years so he can track what he was "in to" when he is a grown up person. :)  I need to get on this year's quilt since he just turned 4.

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