Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One down, So many to go!

I actually finished a project!  The quilt that I was repairing for my co-worker is done and I gave it to her about a week ago.  It was a quilt made by her Grandmother in the Sixties out of drapery samples.  It was realllllllly dusty and the back was shredded and falling to pieces when she gave it to me.

I honestly was praying that I wouldn't catch some long dormant disease from the sixties as I was taking it all apart! 

Anyway, I got it apart, prayed really hard and tossed the top of the quilt into the washer and the rest of it all in the trash.  The top withstood a gentle cycle and a low heat drying then I put a backing and some backing on the quilter, put the top on it all and pebble quilted only down the seams (age had caused them to really begin to fray on the wrong side so reinforcement was a necessity).  

After that it took me a couple of months to tie it in the same yarn colors that her Grandma had tied it in, I put a binding on it and she was ecstatic to get it back!

Now I have a couple of big pieces of fleece with a light layer of batting between them on the quilter.  I decided to do a simple snuggle quilt for Korben with 2 of the 40 things he likes the most.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on one side and Cars on the other.  I am swirl quilting it and it feels SO snuggly!!

I still have 2 lap quilts to make out of clothing and that will come next after my daughter clears a path to my sewing machine for me.  She is doing another room fix up.  She has all of her stuff boxed up again and is now painting her room the palest lavender I have ever seen (it might as well be white it is that pale) and then she is building custom book cases for her books (of which she owns at least 2 thousand or so).  I told her she needs to make sure she can escape easily in a fire since she has so many books in her room!

Anyway.  No pictures as I forgot to take any, but since I didn't technically make the quilt I don't feel that bad about it. 

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Little Penpen said...

I repaired a polyester quilt for my brother and his wife. I ended up hand appliqueing flannel patches over the bad blocks. It turned out cute, but was a huge project by the time I finished.