Friday, April 19, 2013

Arghhhh! Or - Stupid broken iron Batman!

I was working away on this:

and making good progress (back is completely done and only 2 borders to go on the front) when my iron completely died.  Now, I have nothing to do! :D

I guess I could read a book since I already reorganized my W.I.P.s so I can see them all and know I need to do them before I do anything else.  I also have two commissioned memory quilts that I'll have to start next week since I'm meeting up with the gal on Saturday to get the clothing she wants me to use.

Still though... wish I could get the above to the quilting stage already!


Izzy said...

Oh man... That is such a drag. :-(. I hate when things break.

Needled Mom said...

Bummer. I always have a spare iron in the cupboard since I tend to go through them so quickly.

Rachel said...

Bummer for sure, BUT it will happen!!!