Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May ALYOF Goal and a Finish!!

May 1st already!

My goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes for May is to get get my Global Bazaar with Kona Pepper quilt top done.  I'm going to concentrate of finishing quilt tops for the next couple of months that way I can quilt them at my leisure.

I have two commissions I'll be working on in May also, and hopefully finishing though I haven't even ordered the fabric for them yet.  I better get on that!

Here is the picture of what I have of the Churn Dash so far.  I still need to cut a lot of pieces of the Kona and then get it all stitched together.  I have 6 of the blocks done, and actually that one you see is the only one that is not from the Global Bazaar fabric!  I needed one more fabric and that is the one that I had that seemed to match up the best.

LINKY TO MAY GOAL SETTING  Buttons to both Melissa and Shanna's blogs and the ALYOF main posts in the sidebar.

And now on to the really exciting news... at around 10 P.M. last night I finally finished hubby's quilt.  The pictures are outside in the shade as taking them in the sunshine made them very harsh and the colors didn't look realistic.  I'm going to try and drag my rear out of bed super early tomorrow so I can catch the dawn light and see if I can get better pictures, for now, these will do.  It finished at around 70 inches square and we slept under it last night.  Hubby is super happy!  Here's the back of the quilt........

And here's the front........

Two quilts in one!  When I first started planning this quilt I made the back and that was going to be the quilt but I thought it was sort of boring and I wanted something super special for my hubby since he is so good about not complaining when I sew instead of cleaning things. LOL!  So I started collecting fabric here and there for the front and finally it all came together. Hubby is 1/4 Native American and he loves wolves and bears and eagles and the out of doors in general.  As I said, he is very happy with his new quilt and so am I!!  So there is Man Quilt #1 DONE!

In the next couple of days I'm going to do a giveaway of some of the wolf fabric and panels that are left so anyone who likes this type of fabric will be happy.

Things I have to get done in May:
Stash Bee Block
Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin border added
Make it Modern Bee blocks
Commissioned quilt top for Monroe
Commissioned quilt top for Reagan

Things I'd like to get done additionally in May:
Monroe's quilt FMQed
Reagan's quilt FMQed
Global Bazaar Dash Quilt top done ALYOF Goal!


barbara woods said...

my husband is good about not complaining about me not cleaning or me buying fabric

Izzy said...

Love the quilt! My hubby complains about the noise of the machine, but is so supportive when I show him what I'm making! :-)

Pen Pen said...

Hubby's quilt turned out wonderful! Congrats! on the finish!!

CeLynn said...

The Man quilt turned our spectacular Sami! Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the finish. I love the compass block in the middle. Your May goal is made from my second favorite block!